The three major categories of amber: Haipo, mine, lake

The three major categories of amber: Haipo, mine, lake


Haiper: Collecting amber from the bottom of the sea to the shore. This is the main collection of Baltic amber before the 19th century. After the storm, there will often be amber blocks washed to the shore, up to the British coast, the world's largest Baltic amber, weighing 10.478 kilograms, was fished by a Danish fisherman who caught lobsters and caught in a fishing net. Danish Amber House Museum;

Mine: Amber buried deep in the underground accumulation point. This kind of amber has a relatively rich mineral deposit and is distributed all over the world. The mine is protected by the stratum and is the most suitable material for making jewelry.

Lakes: Amber ore in the valley, with the flow of water into the downstream lakes, the number is very rare.

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