Colorful underwear to tell you about men's wear underwear 12 tips

Not only women should pay attention to underwear , underwear choice, the same we men have to choose the right underwear, the election on the underwear, in order to show you more attractive. That colorful underwear underwear to tell you about men's wear underwear 12 advice, take a look at it!


1, working to fit the square underwear or T-type underwear is appropriate, these two more with trousers or jeans and other work wear the most common "match."

2, leisure At home, loose mouth pants as the first choice, the advantage is to allow normal daily pressure in the pants of the sex organs free activities.

3, exercise to breathable good sports shorts, or similar to the material swimming trunks, body breathable tight pants as well. The purpose is to minimize the friction between thighs, crotch and sexual organs. In addition, designed for athletes designed to wear sportswear is not bad underwear, is characterized by a three-dimensional cut in the genital part of the triangle cup care, left and right have a tight support buttocks, can make your hips more masculine.

4, travel or tourism, disposable paper or cotton underwear is the best choice.

5, preferred to sleep corners or underwear pants, or mesh design of sports shorts.

6, body fat sweating, especially self-driving men, should not often wear cotton underwear, should choose to feel slippery, absorbent and easy to dry fabrics (such as Korean silk fabric), if necessary, in the key parts of the bottom with cotton Panties to avoid sticky feeling. In addition, a fabric called Mudeals, feel comfortable, close to the texture of cotton, and absorb and release water 50% higher than the average speed of cotton, is also recommended.

7, thick legs for men wearing high-rise briefs, legs can be more slender.


8, tight elastic leg pants, leg length can reach the thigh, is conducive to the thigh muscle tension, shaping bodybuilding, suitable for young men who love bodybuilding.

9, no matter what style, the best choice for light-colored underwear. The lighter the panties, the less dye used and the safer it is to wear it.

10, the new purchase underwear must first wash after wearing, to prevent the occurrence of allergies and other accidents.

11, timely briefs to leave, such as exercise, sleep time. Do not wear underwear during exercise can minimize the friction between important parts; do not wear underwear while sleeping, bare skin to absorb more nutrients and promote metabolism, and can create a cool environment conducive to testicular spermatogenesis, And can relax the limbs, help to enter the deep sleep, which is also the reason health advocates advocate "naked sleep".

12, underwear cleaning stress, such as the best single-wash, not with other clothes shoddy; hand wash, work-hard washing machine; avoid prolonged immersion with detergent to extend the life of underwear.

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