Boguan 2015 spring shoot is about to lift

Thanks to years of hard work, the auction of Beijing Boguan has already established the brand effect, especially the annual spring and autumn shoots. The different auctions are professionally differentiated according to the types, textures, and collection potentials. The auction specials have satisfied the individual needs of fans and collectors, and they have gained a lot of attention.

In the spring of 2015, the company will adhere to the professional attitude of the company, and will open its doors in the Qianlong Creative Park in Chaoyang District, Beijing from May 28th to 31st, and talk with the long-lost friends.

瞿利军-Hetian jade seed material is far-sighted

This auction not only gathered a lot of famous boutiques, but also paid special attention to the encouragement and support of jade culture innovation. Under the premise of ensuring good jade quality and exquisite craftsmanship, more special auctions were collected. In the increasingly fierce competition in the auction industry, Boguan has always won the favor of the majority of collectors with the strength of “no one has one, no one has one”.

This spring shoot is divided into four special sessions, which are top jade carvings, jade jewelry, famous boutiques and no-price boutiques.

Ge Hong-Hetian jade seed material Bogu handle

Night Banquet - Top Honda Jade Treasures

The items in the “Night Banquet” are positioned in the most scarce and precious works of art in the art field; whether it is material, craft, cultural connotation or collection potential, it is the top in the country. During the collection process, the requirements for the selection of the lot are called “demanding”, and even if they are from the hands of masters and famous artists, they may not be able to be short-listed.

Each of these millions of high-end auctions is worthy of the time and is a foreseeable "classic" that is precious enough to free their prices from the effects of general market volatility.

At the moment, the mining of top-level Hetian jade is becoming rarer, and it is even rarer to have a certain amount of top-grade jade material. Adding the requirements of “exquisite craftsmanship and cultural heritage” can finally appear in the auction, but the number is small. There are only 20 pieces in the auction, but the pieces are unique and cannot be copied.

Yang Wei-Hetian jade seed material landscape card

Ning Bi - Jade Jewelry Auction

Jadeite, as a kind of collection with strong value-keeping ability and great appreciation space, has been receiving much attention in the jewelry market, especially jewelry jadeite, which is more sought after because of its strong decorative and practical nature.

There are about 80 pieces of jadeites in this field. Not only is it superior in quality, but also in the design of jewelry, it also reveals many novel and bold ideas, leading the trend of the times.

Wang Yibu - Hetian jade seed material Fu Lushou

Qing dynasty - a special exhibition of contemporary jade carving masterpieces

More than 60 pieces were released in this special session, most of which are the styles of contemporary jade carving masters. They combine the beauty of humanities and natural materials, but the quantity is small, but the quality is excellent; and it covers jade carvings in Beijing, Suzhou, Shanghai, Yangzhou and other places. The masterpieces and famous masterpieces are complete in variety and rich in appearance. It is a good opportunity for jade lovers to collect small and medium jade carvings.

Most of the auctions in this field have the characteristics of playable and collectible. Since Boss always adheres to the "focused, professional" business attitude, selects each lot by the principle of truth and integrity, so for the collectors who are new to the line, it is A safe and effortless collection channel.

Chai Yiyang-Alashan Manau Epiphany

Drinking - Contemporary Jade Carvings

In this special session, Boguan continued the characteristics of “boutique and no reserve price”, and selected 100 pieces of contemporary jade carving masterpieces to create a collection of quality, good quality, rich subject matter, and better quality than the “exquisite beauty jade” series auction. In this lot, most of the jade carvings created by famous jade carvings are mainly made of pendants and play pieces, suitable for daily wear and play.

Judging from the results of the auctions of Beijing Boguan's previous auctions, the lottery price of the auction has a higher quality, but the number of participants is relatively small. The competition is not as competitive as the small shots, and there is a chance to buy a price/performance ratio. High works.

In the current economic environment is not ideal, Beijing Boguan auction to hold such a special auction without a price, in addition to sticking to their own brand characteristics, but also hope to give the market confidence, believe that visionary, forward-looking collectors can seize Opportunity, expand your horizons and gain insight into the market.

Now, the preview has not yet begun, it has already attracted many people in the industry and Tibetan friends to pay close attention. Beijing Boguan's Spring Auction 2015 hopes to show the more colorful and colorful face of the contemporary jade carvings to the fans and collectors. It will impress people with rare jade carvings and cultivate people with excellent jade carving art, thus helping to enhance the life of Aiyu people. Quality and collectible taste, with Yuhui friends, sharing culture and prosperity.

Beijing Boguan 2015 Spring Auction

Drinking - Contemporary Jade Carvings

Qing Yi - a special jade carving masterpiece

Ning Bi - Jade Jewelry Special

Night Banquet - Top Honda Jade Treasures

Preview time: May 28 - 31, 2015

Pre-show location: Building 17, No. 1 Sanjianfang East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (Qianlong Cultural Industry Creative Park)

Auction time: May 31, 2015

Venue: Building 17, No. 1 Sanjianfang East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (Qilong Cultural Industry Creative Park)

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