Car glass water purchase tips

[China Glass Net] Auto glass water is a common maintenance product on the car, which decontaminates and degreases the glass, creates a clear line of sight and improves the safety of driving. For the simple addition of automotive glass water, the average owner will choose to purchase it by himself. Here, it summarizes the points that need to be paid attention to when buying glass water, which can help us better choose the right glass water products.

Car glass water purchase instructions:

First of all, winter glass water is the benchmark for antifreeze performance. Glass water with a freezing point lower than the local lower temperature of 10 °C should be selected. Otherwise, it will cause problems such as freezing of the glass water and failure of the water pump of the watering can. Regular branded products are divided into several different levels by temperature, which can be selected according to seasonal changes.

Secondly, good glass water should also have the protection of the windshield and wiper. By forming a unique protective film, the overall protection of the windshield can be achieved. Some brands have added a variety of corrosion inhibitors that do not corrode various metals, protecting the safety of automotive finishes, wipers and rubber.

In addition, the high-speed glass water has the characteristics of rapid melting snow melting, anti-glare and anti-fog. It is also important for the normal use of the vehicle and driving safety. In winter, products with such functions should be selected as much as possible.

Tips for car glass water use:

Tip 1: Dilute by the previous step.

Generally, the glass water purchased is super concentrated, so it needs to be diluted before use. Just follow the instructions on the instructions, and the process is simple and easy.

Tip 2: Pay attention to the glass water capacity.

The glass water capacity of the car is about 1.5L, so it is ok to use 1.25L to 1.5L for the container that dilutes the glass water. It can be replaced with a mineral water bottle.

Tip 3: Do not add too much.

When adding glass water yourself, be careful not to overfill. If there is some foam in the mouth of the container, don't worry, it does not affect the use.

Tip 4: Glass water also has winter and summer points.

Generally, in the southern region, glass water with a component of degumming is added. If the car needs to spend winter in the north, you need to use antifreeze glass water. Therefore, car owners should pay special attention to the selection of products suitable for climate characteristics during the winter when the temperature is lowered.

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