Maintenance and precautions for the installation of glass straight line edging machine

[China Glass Network] The development of modern society is changing with each passing day. The construction of a livable environment requires a large number of glass products such as architectural glass, furniture glass, and craft glass. This requires a large number of glass processing machines, including the use of glass edgers. more and more. There are many kinds of glass edging machines. The company mainly produces and sells various glass edging machines, crystal triangle edging machines, cabinet glass edging machines, small glass edging machines, ceramic edging equipment, glass cleaning machines and other glass. Processing equipment, let us first explain the safe operation process of the glass straight edger of the glass edger:

Special regulations

1, the operator must be familiar with the operating system of the edger equipment structure, mechanical properties and electrical control.

2. If abnormal problems occur during the operation of the glass edger, it should be stopped immediately for inspection and maintenance. The equipment can be used only after it is normal. It is strictly forbidden to use the equipment with faults.

3. The power must be turned off before the work is completed, before going to work, before wiping the cleaning equipment and cleaning the surrounding sanitation.

Equipment maintenance and repair of glass straight line edging machine

1. After working every day, clean the inside and outside of the machine.

2. The grinding head of the glass straight line edging machine should be inspected and replaced at any time.

3. The gear reducer of the glass straight line edging machine should be replaced once after 1000 hours of operation. The oil quantity is kept in the middle position of the oil mirror, but not excessive. It is recommended to use industrial gear oil No. 150.

4. Synchronous pulleys and guide grooves, gears, screw rods, sprockets and transmission bearings should be lubricated every day.

5, the glass linear edging machine grinding wheel lubrication cooling water, although it is recycled, but also need to be constantly replaced, try to maintain cleanliness, to ensure the polishing effect of glass edging.

Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins
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