Laitisei conference value of millions of antique reward marketing team

Recently, a beautiful and fantastic "Ice Source" 2015 autumn and winter new conference grand opening in Guangzhou, this is Laitie Si 15 new product launches. Popular fashion event popularity, the scene gathered thousands of fashion people from across the country, including more Sina, Tencent, Phoenix, Ruili, etc., a number of well-known media and fashion magazines to the scene support.

Yuan Dynasty Aquarius a glimpse

莱特妮丝发布会 价值千万古董奖励营销团队

It is noteworthy that, before the release of new products, fashion show in the field of underwear conference surprise scene of the Yuan Dynasty glaze red antique - Yuan Dynasty Hongfeng Feng ear bin flat bottle. According to the organizers response, it turned out that the Aquarius is the group's possession of the Museum of Tibet, the value of tens of millions, but also by the National Palace Museum researcher identified expert Li Hui-shan, "national treasure", the conference debut as a first Three generations of lingerie art collection "China Tianxiangxiang" prototype of the prototype debut, the second is the chairman of the group as a reward to the market team prizes appeared in the venue.

莱特妮丝发布会 价值千万古董奖励营销团队

Indiana hegemony "willful" award

Aquarius on display at the scene, crystal clear, bright glaze, fine decoration, well preserved, according to this Aquarius collector that the Group Chairman Yan Shaofeng revealed Aquarius will be debut as the "Indiana Championship" champion Prizes are rewarded to their marketing team. Such priceless antique antiques on such a "wayward" announced the award to the market team, so that the scene was thrilled into excitement, the audience crowded, flag flying, heroes, determined, full of enthusiasm out of control.

New product release show straight

莱特妮丝发布会 价值千万古董奖励营销团队

The release show the scene released Letitiusi 2015 autumn and winter newest, in the beautiful dreamy ice and snow fairy tale, the pure elegance of the female gesture in wanton bloom. Designers like Ice and Snow Castle magician, with the new show will be dressed up as a wonderfully imaginative fairy tale world, from exotic to fantasy ice and snow in Morocco, to the pleasant fragrance, each theme is a bright spot.

It is reported that the Lattice design team jointly design team teamed up with the global professional trend forecasting institutions Karin International, focusing on the integration of ice and nature. The new tribute to all things grateful, with ice and snow as the source, with a grateful heart return and trace the original nature of women's gentle temperament, ice and snow in the world, wanton bloom, only for pure, more unresolved awakening.

Lingerie collection of new concepts

Show Finally, the show field finale is a thousand years of royal art and French underwear perfect combination of the new underwear collection fashion concept show. The world's first limited edition new products - the third generation of lingerie art collection "aroma" series. This series of yuan glaze red · Yuan Hongdian Feng ear bin flat bottle for the creative prototype, still continue the combination of Chinese classical elements and fashion design inspiration, learn from the essence of Chinese traditional culture for the underwear fashion into a new force. The perfect combination of tradition and trendy, friction and collision of classic and fashion, evolved into a creative underwear cultural symbols, leading a new generation of fashion underwear, the Royal model only for women to bring new luxury lingerie experience.

莱特妮丝发布会 价值千万古董奖励营销团队

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