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Entrepreneurship is gradually becoming a fashion, due to a more open and free thinking shift, and because various industrial markets need new supplements and incentives, and promote innovation and promote industrial development and upgrading. In the past two years, the jewellery industry has gradually become mired, and it has become increasingly depressed after the scenery and madness. The business opportunities of step-by-step business have become less and less, and it is necessary to rethink and make changes to prepare for the new future market. I have seen an article about the spring of an independent brand in the jewelry industry, and I want to wait until spring may not only be an independent brand, but perhaps include creativity and innovation in all aspects of the business, as well as a group of energetic makers. .

Compared with other industries, the domestic jewelry industry is still a blue ocean. Comparing the status of the jewellery industry in Chinese history and the history and current status of the jewellery industry in the international market, the space for the growth and development of the domestic jewellery industry is still huge, and it will gradually become an opportunistic industry. It is precisely because of this that it has gradually attracted many people outside the industry to become gold diggers. Whether it is big business or small business, many enthusiastic makers are constantly refreshing and challenging this long-established traditional industry.


Entrepreneurial motivation is a key factor in determining the success or failure of a business, and it also determines the entrepreneur's happiness index. I remember an angel investor who shared his investment in the cake baking project with confidence. In addition to professionalism and technicality, the most impressed investors are the love and dedication of entrepreneurs for cake baking. Investors generally use experience to predict whether the entrepreneurial project itself is correct or not, and how far the entrepreneurial project can go is to test the entrepreneur's true feelings and entrepreneurial motives for the industry or project. Maybe products, services, operations and promotion are important, but they are all variables that need to be constantly adjusted. The motives and foundations of entrepreneurship must be rock solid, because it is always difficult and thorny to start a business. Only the original driving force is strong enough, and the belief is tough enough to support the entrepreneur's firm pace and the more frustrating obsession. In my opinion, earning profits is only a by-product of entrepreneurship, and the real goal is the continuous self-realization, spiritual practice, and transcendence of dream-seeking journeys in the process of entrepreneurship. Whether it is success or failure, no matter how hard, it is a human being. Pleasant and satisfying things are also the stepping stone for the industry's latecomers to really shake the existing market and step into success.

Entrepreneurship is indeed a brainstorming thing. I once talked to a respectable industry predecessor about starting a business in a jewelry circle. I remember that there is a saying that says: When most people’s business is still shouldering their shoulders, you should at least equip a carriage. To catch up, and if you own a car, you will be invincible, it is best to get on the plane, the future will be unlimited. What this means is that if you want to stand out in the business circle, you need faster, more advanced or smarter business wisdom. To work hard and get a good harvest on this land, you need to assume the role of industrial innovation and have an upgrade. The productivity of the edition even forms a new production relationship.

The jewellery industry is just like other traditional industries. Although it is very concentrated in some areas and is called a distribution center, the degree of industrial dispersion is very high. Overall, the business, products and operations are still relatively backward. In today's society and various industrial environments, there have been tremendous changes. The collision of various cultures, the traditions and the art of foreign art have become more and more international, the rise of various emerging industries, the emergence of new technologies and the prosperity of the Internet. Various new media emergence and promotion models and ideas innovation, these also provide too many opportunities and innovation elements for the jewelry industry, whether it is product level, business model or operation promotion, etc. have a very broad imagination and cross-border space. For entrepreneurs, combining their own characteristics and accurately positioning innovation points, exploring advanced business models and market entry points, will do more with less.

For entrepreneurs, in addition to often thinking about the industry chain closely linked to products and business, we should constantly review the value chain behind the industry chain. Products and services are the way for market entry, and the types and types of value inputs are A kind of thinking logic that determines entrepreneurial achievement, that is to say, the rarer the output value type of entrepreneurial project and the higher the gold content, the more superior the initial stage of entrepreneurship. In recent years, there have been many projects on the protection of intangible cultural heritage of jewellery. Fortunately, I have had close contact with some operators and found that some crafts or products have been continuously sustained by everyone's efforts, but the trend of decline is No improvement, and the project itself will soon reach the bottleneck. In fact, the processes, products and technologies related to these intangible cultural heritages have experienced the historical process of starting, prospering and declining with the background of the times, and the value of the project output is mostly to improve the status quo of the practitioners or to use other means to help them inherit. Just to extend its decay stage as much as possible, but whether it is to protect the craft or culture, or to make the project itself more successful, to inject new vitality into it is a more valuable work direction, let its products Transforming on the basis of tradition, making it more responsive to market demand and guiding cultural trends, allowing it to follow the new social and environmental changes from the recession back to the initial stage, continue to experience and embrace new prosperity, so that it can truly take its The essence and the wonderful heritage can be truly continued.

In fact, the current domestic entrepreneurial environment and conditional maturity are unmatched in the past. There are many types of investment institutions eagerly looking for excellent entrepreneurial projects and teams, various types of angel teahouses, cafes, and other forms of entrepreneurial concentration camps. The emergence of emerging financing channels such as financing and online lending, as well as the entrepreneurial competition platforms organized by various media and investors, provide entrepreneurs with various financial support and basic support. As a jewelry practitioner and entrepreneur, I hope that industry-related companies and institutions can also establish a set of entrepreneurial systems and platforms that can be closely integrated with the jewelry industry according to industry characteristics, including financial support, industry infrastructure and technical resources integration and support. As well as the docking of external resources of the industry, and even the output and support of the basic team resources, it will undoubtedly provide great boost to the innovation and entrepreneurship of this industry, and it is also a new entrepreneurial project in the vertical industry of jewelry.

Entrepreneurship is also a painful thing, a hard journey of self-cultivation. Most entrepreneurial projects will have an endless period of torture after the initial honeymoon period. It is also a boring stage. Entrepreneurs are constantly experiencing difficulties and failures, constantly self-correcting and rebuilding, and starting from the project. Then there will be endless, either failing or always suffering. Therefore, entrepreneurship needs to think twice. In the future success, it is even more necessary to ask yourself whether you are prepared to face up to the rough and tough.

Entrepreneurship is an experience, and life with this experience will become full of enthusiasm. Whether it is success or failure, whether it is leading an entrepreneurial project or joining a startup team, life after entrepreneurial baptism will become tenacious. Entrepreneurship is also a poison that can be fascinating and addictive. Once you get on the road, you will become a freelance maker, life will never stop, and entrepreneurship will not stop.

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