Stylish and nice to wear 10 pairs of small shoes at the end of summer

This site August 14 hearing, after more than half of the summer, it is time to prepare for a small single shoes ~ let you hold live high-heeled shoes, Variety and enduring loafers or comfortable interpretation of the small shoes, It's a good single item about your personal character. At the end of the summer, buy yourself a pair of well-worn and stylish little shoes that give you the courage to go as far as you want.

1, Meng Meng å“’ cat shoes ~

Abstract demi small shoes, feel even more lovely than before, but more vitality ~

2, printing loafers

Very cute deer, more than one right foot, allows you to match, oh, a pair of prices when the two pairs to wear!

3, British wind rubber powder strap low leather small leather shoes

It's especially colorful to wear, and it's very nice to watch! The upper has a color-brushing technique, and each pair is unique!

4, retro carved fringed uniform shoes

Art style small single shoes, transparent beef bottom, moderate flexibility! Wear-resistant anti-skid performance to force!!

5, bow round flat shoes shoes

Refreshing color small shoes, small round head with bow, wild not pick the foot.

6, the first layer of art leather leather shoes

In appearance, the simple and versatile classic, the leather is a very good leather, the old creases on the leather surface and its soft texture occasionally see it in the magazine, but can not be bought around.

7, buckle buckle with Baotou bow shoes

Durable, wearable, breathable leather small single shoes, comfortable walking, round head design, very thin feet!

8, straw thick canvas shoes

Win in the pattern, suitable for concave shape! The surface is leather, the sole is a straw material, with thickness.

9, Oxford shoes increased women's shoes

Sweet, handsome can match. Mainly wear and comfort. And it's a couple money.

10, nude color pointed sheepskin high heels

Very delicate and soft sheepskin material, both inside and outside the leather, high comfort, shoe-type beauty! (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. Brand recommendation: love St. En.)

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