Diamond coating and simple identification method

The coating treatment of diamond refers to coating the surface of the diamond with a method such as painting or plating to change the color, luster or enhance the dispersion effect of the diamond. This is a very old way of dealing with diamonds, in order to increase the color of the diamond or to cover up the color. This treated diamond is due to the increased color level, so if you do not know how to buy it will cause many people to fall into the trap of this unscrupulous merchant because of the price discount. Here is a description of the diamond coating and Simple identification method.

The coating is coated on the diamond surface with a layer of high refractive index material, approximately 1/1000mm thick, just like the film on the camera lens. On the one hand, the color of the diamond can be improved, and the 1-2 levels can be improved. It can also increase the dispersion effect of diamonds.

Coloring is to add a little color to the diamond, such as red, blue, pink and other colors, the surface of the diamond is dyed, the colored dye is applied to the diamond's waist circumference, so that the diamond has a red or blue color, so that the dyed diamond is more full Packages are inlaid so they are not noticeable. In addition, in order to reduce the yellow color of the diamond, a yellow complementary color blue may be used to stain the surface of the diamond to make the diamond look whiter, thereby increasing the color of the diamond, but at the same time reducing the brightness of the diamond.

The coated and colored diamonds are relatively simple to identify and test. Because the hardness of the coating adhered to the surface of the diamond is usually lower than that of the diamond, the existence of the coating can be confirmed by a simple scratch test, that is, the film can be scraped off by the knife or the needle tip or the phenomenon of visible thin film peeling off; Most of the coatings are heated in strong acid and boiled off; or the diamonds are placed in immersion oil and are more easily identified with a microscope. The stained diamond can be wiped with ** to see if there is a stain.

The above recognition is based on diamonds that are in doubt. If you buy in a regular channel, you can usually abandon this suspicion. If someone sells or travels, they must keep their eyes open. Go to buy.

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