"Taiji Push Hands" skills in business negotiations

[China Glass Network] In business negotiations, bargaining is inevitable and normal. Sometimes the requirements or opinions put forward by the Other party are too far or far from each other, which requires rejection and denial. However, if you refuse, negate the rigid, arbitrary or even rude, it will hurt the other party, causing a deadlock in the negotiations, leading to business failure. Gao Ming’s refusal to deny should be a time-testing situation, adapting to the situation, and proceeding reasonably and rationally, so that both sides have room for manoeuvre, so that both parties can achieve the purpose of the transaction.

I. Humorous refusal

Unable to meet the unreasonable demands put forward by the other party, set a negation in a relaxed and humorous discourse or tell a wonderful story to let the other party hear the extraneous sound, which avoids the embarrassment of the other party and shifts the unhappiness of the other party. A negotiator of a company said with ease: "If you insist on this purchase price, please prepare winter clothes and food for us. I can't bear to let the employees work tremblingly for you!"

The product manager of a shampoo company found a product with insufficient weight during the sampling inspection. The other party took the opportunity to bargain as a bargaining chip. The company’s representative smiled and said: “A US paratrooper specializing in the production of parachutes for airborne troops. The military factory, the product failure rate is one in ten thousand, which means that 10,000 soldiers will have a sacrifice in the quality defects of the parachute, which the military can not accept and tolerate, when they check the products, let The main person in charge of the military factory personally parachuted. It is said that since then, the pass rate is 100%. If you can give me the bottle of shampoo with insufficient amount after delivery, I will share it with the company's responsible person. This is our company. For the first time in eight years since its establishment, it has met a good opportunity to use free shampoo." This rejection not only diverted the other's line of sight, but also stated the reason for refusing to negate, that is, rationality.

Second, the transfer of flowers and wood

In the negotiations, when the other party "has too high a price and cannot meet the conditions of the other party, it can move the trees or euphemistically design the obstacles that the two sides cannot overcome. It not only expresses the reasons for their refusal, but also obtains the understanding of the other party. Such as "I am sorry, This is beyond our ability to withstand..." "Unless we use inferior materials to reduce production costs by 50% to meet your price. "It implies that the request made by the other party is beyond reach, and it encourages the other party to compromise. It can also use social limitations such as laws, systems, practices and other objective restrictions that cannot be modified, such as "If the law allows, we agree, if the price department Yes, we have no objection.

Third, affirmative form, denial of substance

Everyone is eager to be understood and recognized. You can use this to find out the insubstantial content that you agree with from the other side's opinions, to affirm and resonate, and to create a sense of "the hero sees the same thing" and take the opportunity to express different opinions. view. A toy company manager faced the dealer's suspicion and questioning about the product's popularity, and said calmly: "As you said, our brand is not very well-known, but we spend most of our money on product research and development, and produce new styles. Fashion, high-quality products, production and sales have been booming since the market, the market prospects are promising, and some places are out of stock ...."

Fourth, the roundabout compensation method

In the negotiations, it is not enough to rely on people to listen to people. It is not enough to move people with emotions. After all, the two sides are more concerned about their own interests, and categorically refuse to irritate each other, even the transaction is terminated. If we refuse again, given the appropriate preferential conditions or compensation within the scope of our ability, we will often achieve the effect of winding paths. The automatic razor manufacturer told the dealer: "This price can't be lowered any more. So, give you a pair of batteries, both for promotional and retail, how?" Real estate developers on elevators The supplier's quotation is extremely dissatisfied compared with other peers. The supplier said with confidence: "Our products are national inspection-free products, high-quality raw materials, imported production lines, relatively high cost, but our products are beautiful and durable, safe and energy-saving. And the after-sales service is perfect, one year replacement, life-long maintenance, two free routine maintenance every year, to relieve your worries, I believe you can make a wise choice."

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