Relic Tanbao: Stone sculptures at the doorstep are live signs

Recently, netizens sent Weibo photos showing that in the alleys of Huagui Road in Liwan District, the statues and other statues that looked like cultural relics were “sunning” at the doorstep of the residents, screaming that “Tsuen Wan is a treasure”. Reporters visited that the "Baby" baby is not really a cultural relic, but it is actually a handicraft. The reason why it was placed at the door was that the residents said that it is convenient for them to be a living signboard. "Some are too big and it is not convenient to put home."

The stone statues in the back of the alleyway placed the door of the netizen "KK Wu Yi e Rabbit" uploaded 8 pictures on Weibo. The "protagonist" of the picture is a statue of a statue, a sculpture, a statue of a Buddha, a turtle, a rabbit, a unicorn, a monster, etc. There are furnaces, tripods, etc., and some people have a high number of people and they have a great momentum. These treasures are randomly placed in the door of the household. It looks as though they are not young.

“These will not be true cultural relics, so scattered in alleys, Liwan Bay is a treasure ah,” Mr. Xu, who worked in Haizhu District, made such a sigh. Many netizens are very curious. Why are these stone statues scattered in a small alley on the road? Are there any allusions or stress?

Yesterday morning, the reporter took a rough walk on the dozens of small alleys along Huagui Road and found more than a dozen people at the entrance to the stone statues. The stone statues are of different shapes and sizes, but they are randomly placed on the doorstep of tenants. Safeguard. For example, at the gate of No. 12 on the Garden of Guiyuan, a statue of a Buddha was impressively erected, one person was taller, and there was a stone statue that was incomplete. Only half of the body, mops and other objects were hung beside. The door of Houde Street No. 7 stood A statue of a Buddhist sitting on a lotus flower; at the gate of No. 5 in Anwarli, there is a stone with a base, carved with dragons and clouds.

It is a craft when it is a "living sign"

Are these stone statues not cultural relics? Why is it placed at the door?

Ms. Wen, who lives in No. 12 Guiyuan Garden, said that the stone statues and other objects placed in the alleys are not really cultural relics. They are handicrafts. They are purchased from the north and bought back. They are copycats. It turns out that there are two famous antique trading markets near Huagui Road, Hualin Jade City and Yuansheng Ceramic Jade Art Street. Many arts and crafts vendors have rented out their rental properties on Huagui Road to facilitate the trade fairs to store a certain amount of handicrafts in their houses.

Ms. Wen said that she and her husband have been doing this for decades. They placed the stone statues on the doorway. On the one hand, they lived on the signboard. They “knowledge that there is something to sell when they know what they are doing.” On the other hand, because some stone statues are relatively large, Not good to handle. The reporter saw in Ms. Wen’s home that there were dozens of Buddha statues stored in the house.

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