Put activated charcoal in shoe cupboard to reduce foot disease

Every family has a shoe, but not everyone will clean it. According to statistics, more than 50% of people in China suffer from foot problems. The prevalence of foot diseases due to acquired infections and lack of attention to foot hygiene is 98%. Among them, closed footwear is a source of infection that cannot be ignored.

In order to make the home look more tidy, most people will choose closed shoe. The unventilated environment is a breeding ground for germs, and the shoe is a “clean blind spot”. Few people regularly clean it, and the inside is stuffed with various shoes passing through, which makes the shoe cabinet dirty and smelly. . Studies have shown that the number of bacteria on the shoes is 87.58% of the bacteria carried by the whole body, and the vast majority of them are harmful bacteria, which has become one of the most important ways of human morbidity and infection. These bacteria grow in a dark, damp environment, especially molds have strong viability. Some shoes that aren't worn often will grow mildew for a while and cause athlete's foot.

Therefore, Song Guangsheng, vice president of the China Interior Decoration Association and director of the Indoor Environment Monitoring Committee, suggested that the shoe cabinet be cleaned, cleaned and disinfected regularly. Shoe cabinets are not a place where shoes are stored. It is best to place only the shoes that are used with them. Unused shoes should be washed promptly and stored in a special place.

In addition, the shoe cabinet should be divided into partitions, to separate the outer shoes and home shoes, to avoid the outdoor dust into the room; adults and children's shoes are separated, adult foot disease is more serious, children are easily infected. It is also possible to put some activated charcoal in the shoe, not only to absorb moisture, reduce the growth of bacteria, but also to cover off the odor. In the style and material selection of shoe cabinets, Song Guangsheng suggested that shoe cabinets made of wood-based panels could reduce the impact of pollutants. In addition, non-closed shoe racks can be purchased to store the shoes to maintain ventilation and reduce bacterial infections.

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