China's Quintessence of Oil Painting Exhibition debuts in New York

China's Quintessence of Oil Painting Exhibition debuts in New York The "China Quintessential Oil Painting Exhibition" sponsored by the Chinese Permanent Mission of the United Nations and the All-China Federation of Taiwan Compatriots and organized by the Shanghai Jingji Art Company was unveiled on the 17th of October at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

The deputy secretary-general of the United Nations, Chi Haoqing, who was invited to the opening ceremony, spoke highly of the well-known oil painter Liu Linghua's more than 20 pieces of Chinese quintessential oil painting, saying that he described the creation of the Chinese traditional Chinese opera theme in the form of Western oil paintings, combining artistic language and cultural themes. Can bring new audiences to traditional art." Ambassador Li Baodong, the Chinese Permanent Representative to the United Nations, said that Liu Linghua's work is the best interpretation of China's "harmony but not the same" philosophy, and it is also a deduction of the concept of multicultural coexistence and development advocated by the United Nations.

On the same day, the large screen of New York Times Square also promoted the "China's Quintessence of Oil Paintings Exhibition" for 15 minutes. The Chinese opera oil paintings full of rich oriental flavor attracted many passers-by. It is reported that in the following week, related information will also be broadcast on Times Square to further expand the influence of Chinese culture.

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