Gesidian Men swept the northern provincial capital heavyweight shopping malls

GESSDIMER Gusidi Men to British style, high-end business and leisure-oriented, high-profile autumn and winter of 2007 settled in the Chinese market, with its unique product charm and superb product technology, has won numerous high-end successful people of all ages, 68% Annual growth rate quickly occupied China's high-end men's clothing market. GESSDIMER Geshini 2011 development plan made it clear that 2011 will focus on expanding the northern market, occupying the capital city of a class of shopping malls as the main goal of the company's colleagues in the unremitting efforts, April 22 Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Inner Mongolia Victoria Mall 118 square grid Si Dini counter grand opening; June 3 Shenyang New World Department Store will be 90 square chengdiini counter grand opening; on August 26 Heilongjiang provincial capital Harbin Hongbo Century Plaza 98 square chengdii counter successfully signed, is expected to 10 Open late in the month. GESSDIMER Gusidi Men, pay attention to individual design, pay attention to a low-key luxury, we wholeheartedly welcome people from all over the country to join us Gusidi Ni team, and common development of Gusini Clothing, we guarantee that the dealer's interests in First, let the dealer first to make money is the basis of our cooperation.

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