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[China Glass Network] One of the major strategies in online marketing is email. I believe many people will definitely experience this marketing model. Email marketing is a very powerful magic weapon often used in online marketing techniques, but email marketing. Is there any skill? Here, the world factory network school Xiaobian is a simple introduction to the email network marketing skills, so that you can quickly achieve your marketing purposes.

Email does not need to be familiar to everyone. According to incomplete statistics, 96.5% of people who have been online have their own email. Email has brought a lot of convenience to our life, so the company's marketing staff should seize the importance of email in this aspect, use Email to promote their products, and make the company's products have a brand effect. So how do you use email marketing? I have seen a lot of articles using email marketing, and there are good articles and bad articles.

Xiaobian summarizes some of the email marketing skills knowledge, to share with you:

Top: Internet marketing tips for email address selection

We want to choose email users for our products. For example, if a company is doing auto supplies, then what kind of email user group do we choose? According to our survey, male friends are more concerned about their car, so we have to be trivial in the business male email user group, and the male age of the car is generally between 25-45. At the end of the day, we are arbitrarily male business email users between the ages of 25-45. Therefore, we must locate the email user base according to the products of our company, so that our promotion rate is higher.

Second: Internet marketing skills are more important and more critical, that is, the content of Email.

First of all, let's take a look at how the title can be eye-catching to see the title and click on the content. The title in Internet marketing techniques is more important for promoting our products. If the theme is not attractive enough, then your target customer group may not look at your email and may delete your email. So the title content should let your customer base know that this is what he cares about and have a compelling selling point. For example, our target customer base is some self-motivated people who have entrepreneurial spirit. Our theme can be written like this: <White-handed road> Name our title by title, when they see this title, they will Unconscious clicks because they are entrepreneurial people and this is their desire.

Then how to write the contents of Email? To be concise and clear, let the target customers know what to do at a glance, and the number of words should not be too long, generally within 200 words. Be aware that our target customer time is not allowed for our lengthy content.

Third: mail marketing skills must have a bragging spirit

Try to exaggerate our products when writing content, but don't overdo it. Be aware that online users are usually highly educated, so be careful not to blow too much when writing content.

Fourth: Email marketing skills to ensure that the content of the mail is accurate

Before you send an e-mail, you must review the content you wrote below, and the person who wants the marketing team will review and guarantee the correctness.

Fifth: Email marketing skills are sent by email.

Sending emails must be careful not to include attachments as part of the content of the email, but instead use links to get them into the content of the page you want them to see. Because the mail system will filter the attachments, or limit the size of the attachments, so as not to bring the virus to the customer, but also to master the frequency of sending letters, in general, sending mail once every two weeks is a higher frequency.

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