Sichuan sample inspection textile pass rate 96.1%

Recently, Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision issued results of special supervision and inspection of textiles in Chengdu, Mianyang, Deyang, Suining, Nanchong, Ziyang, Meishan and Other places. 511 batches of children's clothing, adult clothing, work clothes, bedding, and swathe In products such as fiber products and towels and textiles, 491 batches of qualified products were tested. The average spot-check pass rate was 96.1%, an increase of 11.9% over the same period of last year.

It is understood that the total sample of 77 batches of children's clothing, the pass rate was 96.1%; spot checks of 129 batches of adult clothing, the pass rate was 93%; spot checks bedding 85 batches, the pass rate of 92.9%; check the fiber used 31 batches of products, the passing rate of 100%; sampling 72 batches of towels and other textiles, the pass rate of 98.6%. Spot checks found that 20 batches of product quality was unqualified, and the main problems were that the content of fiber components was inconsistent with the label, the color fastness was unqualified, the pH value exceeded the mark, and the mark was unqualified.

According to the person in charge of the Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision, the pH value is an indicator that reflects the pH of an item. In the spot check, the Zhangfei brand silk quilt cover in Sichuan Langzhong, the silk loom quilt cover in the Gongyuan in Sichuan, and the Yameng silk in Nanchong The detected pH value does not meet the standard requirements.

The discoloration and contamination of textile products during use and after washing have always been a concern for consumers. The jackets produced by Sichuan Xingfu Garment Co., Ltd. and the Aimi mouse children's clothing produced by Jianyang Hongying Garment Factory were found to be unsatisfactorily fast in this sampling. Unsatisfactory color fastness items will affect the actual use of the clothing, and the dye may also be transferred from the garment to the skin, causing damage to the human body.

Fiber content is the main technical indicator of bedding fabrics, and it is also the quality basis for guiding consumer demand. Spot checks found that the measured results of the fiber content of bedding are inconsistent with the labeling, such as the actual cotton blended product labelled as 100% cotton, shoddy, and deceive consumers.

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