Shale Women's Brand Joins Investment Promotion Project

The Sharel brand womenswear is a continuation of the Parisian women's fashion and style. Combined with the most popular new concept in Europe, it is famous for its unique unique fabric pattern design and exquisite detail design. Shale is closely associated with Nelliotti's design office in Paris, France, and combines with Chinese women's dress styles to fit the characteristics and needs of Eastern women. The “Sharil” brand blends Eastern heritage in European fashion and holds up the modern beauty of Chinese women (25-45 years old). The design is simple and elegant, the style has a strong sense of the times. For the pursuit of perfection of modern women bring a new dress new ideas. Elegant and mature charm, so that the Oriental women wear Chuchu moving beauty, Shale in accordance with SHAERYI Oriental women always shine.

Sharel SHAERYI design style:
The main brand of the French Shaeri Apparel Company is SHALERI, a women's brand that embodies the beauty of quality life and costume harmony. With its "honorable, fashionable, and classic" design concept, the city's white collar is dressed in a novel dress quest. Nature radiates poetry, details evoke culture, and fluency is in harmony between man and nature. Shaeryi Women is committed to creating classic fashion and high-end culture. The Shaeryi women's brand emphasizes independent and sensual fashion and simple and smooth curves.

Sharel SHAERYI brand positioning:
Consumer group positioning: mainly for urban women aged 25-45
Core: 28-38-year-old urban mature white-collar women

First, joining conditions:
1, there is investment awareness and financial strength;
2, have good social relations and first-class shopping malls;
3. It is preferred to have experience in successfully operating clothing brands;
4. The spirit of cooperation and entrepreneurship and the character of perseverance;
Second, the company does not charge the initial fee to join, need to charge a certain amount of money to regulate the conduct of the two sides, the margin is divided into three categories according to different regions:
1. The capital city is Class A city with 15,000 yuan;
2. Prefecture-level cities are Class B cities with 10,000 yuan;
3. County-level cities are Class C cities, 5,000 yuan;
3. All refunds will be made without any interest when the contract is rescinded.
Fourth, orders are divided into three types:
Ordering system: According to the order index, the exchange rate of goods is 15 percent, and the deadline is 30 days;
Distribution system: 40%, exchange rate of goods is 100%, and the period is 30 days;
Buyout: 3.3%, no adjustment or no change;
V. Joining process:
Land on the website of Shale or call the Affiliate Hotline to submit an affiliate intent and local market survey report. The company audits, the franchisee holds a provisional power of attorney within a specified time, negotiates and selects the store, the franchisee declares the store’s detailed information, and the company approves the approval. Signed a formal joining contract, the applicant pays the performance bond within the stipulated time, the franchise contract officially takes effect, the company issues a formal authorization, the franchisee pays the first batch of matching money and decoration, the franchisee prepares before the start of business, and the related personnel professional training. Provide store design plans, guide the implementation, with shipments. Officially opened.

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