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Baona Dress Shoes Co., Ltd. is the inland region of China, "DC comic superhero boys, girls' series and children's shoes series," the total dealer. Relying on the unique brand culture of internationally renowned enterprise groups such as Time Warner Inc in the United States and DC Comics Company in the United States, the domestic market is expanded with its rich international marketing experience, mature brand stores (physical stores) + advanced online mall marketing operation mode . DC Comic superhero boys, girls' apparel series and children's shoes series "including the three supermarkets (SUPERMAN), Batman (BATMAN), Superwoman (SUPERGIRL) three major brands DC comic superhero boys, girls clothing production center powerful. The management of the production line is fully implemented 6S on-site management and OEC management law, production management in accordance with international professional processes, has passed ISO9002 international quality system certification, ISO4001 international environmental management system certification, WRAP global apparel social responsibility system certification, OHS18000 employee health Management safety management system certification.In addition, is located in Zhongshan, Guangdong Baona Industrial Park is being proposed, a modern standard garment production base will soon be presented to us.

Birthday/party candle

Birthday Party Candle,Spiral Candle,Number Candle

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