Hangzhou Xiangnuo costumes add stylish color to your romantic winter


Romantic elegance , low-key luxury, fashion personality interpretation of the feminine temperament! . Xiangnou 25-35 year-old urban women's charm for each season will be its simple and imaginative design, quick and sensitive to reflect the trend of the season, emphasizing simple atmosphere profile of clothing, exquisite hand-made details, and strive Showing a perfect combination of art and application of high-quality fashion, each series of goods, Xiangnuo are deeply aware of the new urban women's wear needs, the introduction of 'fashion work attire, easy entertainment, gorgeous dress.' To enrich the multi-series models to meet the colorful needs of urban women living through clothing to make their lives more vivid


" Hangzhou Hunan brand discount women's " originated in Hangzhou, expressed the romantic, elegant and stylish personality white-collar, fashion, ladies and family; with a free combination of romantic colors; pursuit of simple, stylish style, high-quality products, Low-cost, low investment, high efficiency, zero franchise fee, zero deposit, to help more entrepreneurs want to open the door to success, the company has a professional maintenance team and supervision to help store image within the franchise stores, the Four Seasons window changes and goods In all aspects of understanding and communication, to solve all kinds of business problems. Professional quality, service and create brand, this is the Faith stick to the faith of generation. Brand positioning consumer groups: " Xiangnuo brand discount women " located in the 25-35 -year-old city, they aspire to fashion, the pursuit of fashion, but at the same time introverted, not exaggerated, they are sensual and have a certain cultural accomplishment, inadvertently Between the show is their unique temperament. Xiangnuo with nearly a thousand domestic and foreign clothing brand formed a strategic alliance, to bring many brand women's business (eg: Hang send: Qiushuiyiren, according to declared isothermal send brand Women: Snow song .... Shanghai to send brand Women: Song Rui Etc.), to ensure that ample supply of Xianuo, fashion goods, high-quality, the establishment of a strong brand women's " concentration camp " brand style " Xianguo famous discount " women's latest popular elements, the company has a professional image design team to join the store To " tailor-made " , professional brand, product style to fashion, elegant form of the perfect packaging city, fully demonstrates the modern charm and confidence.

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