Li Yuchun appeared Wherever Eslite outdoor advertising has officially landed under the line signs, subway and other channels

October 20 news, following where Eslite announced Li Yuchun endorsement, today, Li Yuchun "was born in 1984, we are where off," the ads have been officially landed under the line signs, subway and other channels. Where the guest official introduction, this round of investment distribution in the north and Guangzhou and Shenzhen and other 10 cities. Previously, where guest Eslite has invited Wang Luo Dan, Han Han, Huang Xiaoming endorsement. In the spokesman's tactics, Han Yu, Wang Luo Dan version of "where the object," Huang Xiaoming version "very live body", the declaration of Li Yuchun "was born in 1984", slogan from Han Han, Wang Luo Dan, Huang Xiaoming's "I am Vanke" to "We are Vanke." Where customer Eslite said that Li Yuchun was born in 1984, she represents the growth process of a generation, precisely with the growth of modern China simultaneously. Today's age is just right to represent the youth in contemporary China. At present, B2C clothing have invited celebrity endorsements. Where guest Eslite is invited Wang Luo Dan, Han Han endorsement of the whole brand, Huang Xiaoming endorsement canvas shoes; Dream Bazaar Fan Bingbing endorsement; catwalks invited Yang Mi endorsement; McCall invited Angelababy endorsement.

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