SNR èµ› Luo Luo children from Hong Kong's Lai Yuan of choice

Elegant, calm, handed down noble. SNR, from Hong Kong, the choice of Li Yuan, the late twentieth century, Brisk Shangdaishi, a symbol of the elegant heart of the messenger of love. The essence of fashion is the sense of the times, we know this. Eternal perfect theme, refined to become distinctive SNR personality, shows a new era of women's subtle and elegant style, in the cautious and temperament of the field of clothing to open up territory, becoming increasingly famous.

SNR赛珞儿女装 来自香港的丽媛之选

SNR has always been committed to listening to women's voices, interpretation of the female dream, on behalf of the noble and elegant style of the brand, always fascinated. Its secret lies in a deep understanding of women, this understanding of women in the context of the times, the designer will be the originality of artistic inspiration and classic meticulous and sexy perfect blend, add it to the most brilliant sum. It forward-looking interpretation of the dreams of women in mind, and with stylish touch, bold design and elegant works to help them achieve these dreams, leading the fashion city of women in the colorful life to explore the characteristics of self, to create Independence and both sensual and sexy style, leaving people hard to think of contemplation, and SNR will continue the elegant story, prolonged!

SNR赛珞儿女装 来自香港的丽媛之选


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