Golden Jubilee Diamond

In 1986, De Beers discovered the Golden Jubilee Diamond at its Premier Mine in South Africa, the eighth-largest gem-quality diamond ever unearthed. Its rough form is Fancy Yellow Brown and weighs 755.50 carats.

According to the news published on De Beers website, this rough has many inclusions and many cracks. The diamond cutting process took a total of two years and was led by cutting master Gabi Tolkowsky. In 1990, the cutting work was completed, and the weight of the cut gemstone was 545.85 carats, making it the world's largest small faceted diamond. Tolkowsky called the final cut of the diamond a "Fire-Rose cushion shape".

After cutting, De Beers loaned the diamond to the Thai Diamond Manufacturers Association. At that time, the team of tourists waiting for a diamond was more than a mile.

In 1995, the cut diamonds were purchased by a group of Thai merchants and presented to King Bhumibol as a gift to commemorate his 50th anniversary of the throne – the diamond was named Golden Jubilee. The diamond received blessings from Pope John Paul II, Supreme Buddhist Patriarch and Supreme Imam.

Now, as part of the Thai royal jewellery, this diamond is on display at the Royal Museum in the Pimammek Golden Temple in Bangkok, Thailand.

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