AYILIAN SGIRL pretty fashion with a young sensual interpretation of the past classic

In the ultra-speed era of life, young people, we will not create the past and fresh modern spirit mixed with young sensuality to make a classic interpretation of the past, a "new basic" feeling.


Concise large lapel woolen fashion crisp type, so that the wearer to show the handsome side, shrugging the design for the whole YY into a trace of sweet

AYILIAN SGIRL俏时尚  以年轻的感性演绎过去的经典

Goose yellow coats self-cultivation under the hood, the neckline trim makes people feel more warm, big pocket carefully care for your slender jade fingers

"AYILIAN SGIRL ( pretty fashion )" is Yi Lin's sister brand, tonality pretty lively, designed for young and fashionable young girls who, the main consumer group is 16-24 year-old young girl, cute, lovely, lively, witty, Mix and match the style of fashion girls and well-behaved, sweet campus style, designed to present a colorful FUNS joy of the world, promote a sunshine, bright personality advocates of life.


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