"LAI Lai" 2012 winter new products full of modern women yearning for quality life and pursuit

In the winter of 2012, " LAI Lai " continues the elegant and meticulous continuation. With a calm and calm atmosphere, the winter coldness is expelled, just like the warm sun rising in the first place.


Wine coat has long been a sense of grace, fur fur collar added a bit more luxury, leather corset waistband free to tie the soft waist

“LAI睐”2012冬装新品  尽显现代女性对优质生活的向往和追求

In the long section of the coat has been popular fashion women welcome, and so dark green is very few people control, fur collar and cuff gives a full warmth, buckle design is convenient and practical, concise interpretation of Hepburn elegance

"LAI Lai" style is mainly reflected in the simple, elegant. The smooth lines of the profile, adding fashion elements, the use of exquisite handmade decorative arts, to create a prominent fashion in personality, introverted implicit motivated design style. LAI stable style of design, shape smooth, well-done, filling the modern women's longing for quality of life and the pursuit.

Nylon Cotton Lace Embroidery Fabric

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