Emerald National Treasures

In the history of Chinese jade carvings, the four pieces of jade carvings of the "Shuyue Wonders", "Guanfang Range Rover", "Sihai Tenghuan" and "Scented Jurui" collected by the Beijing Arts and Crafts Museum are known as jade carvings after the prosperous Qianlong The four national treasures after the National Treasures. The materials of these four national treasures total 803 kg, the largest piece of 363 kg.
In the ten years after the four national treasures, the rare treasures of giant jade jade carvings were constantly coming out and later came to the fore. In 1994, Penglai Wonderland, completed by the famous Chinese jade master Lu Wei, was the largest jade in China. After the original stone is peeled, the green and purple are full, and the world is rare, which is called the material of the spring belt. Then, another giant treasure jade carving "The Root of Yanhuang" was appraised by the authoritative experts of the Chinese Gemstone Association, the Chinese Jade Carving Association, the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and the National Palace Museum. The original stone weighs 900 kilograms, and the carvings lasted more than 1,000 days and nights. The work is crowned with unprecedented cultural heritage and awe-inspiring techniques. The subsequent "Zhu Xian Pilgrimage", which was commemorated in commemoration of "97 Hong Kong's Return", means that China's jade culture has a long history and is endless. According to experts' estimates, the "Zhuxian Pilgrimage" is worth more than 150 million yuan.
In 1999, Shenyang Huihualou Jindian purchased an 18-ton jadeite stone from Burma's heavy gold, half of which was completed by Chinese art and crafts masters Wei Changhai and Guo Shilin's "Jade Jade Buddha", which weighed 7 tons. It is the largest jade carving work in the world, with a value of more than 400 million yuan.

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