MOING Unnamed Women's Spring/Summer 2013 Trade Fair January 7th

MOING inexplicable styles of various women's dresses, advocating simple and generous, alternative structural changes and women and the interwoven artistic atmosphere, MOING inexplicable women give a comfortable feeling, reflecting the multi-faceted attitude to life.

MOING Unnamed Women's Spring/Summer 2013 Trade Fair January 7th

MOING Unnamed Women's Spring/Summer 2013 Trade Fair January 7th

Shanghai Lai Shi Garments Co., Ltd. is one of the companies of Chang Da International (Hong Kong) Industrial Co., Ltd. It is a brand apparel professional company integrating R&D, design, production and sales. The company's own high-end women's brand - MOING uses Hong Kong, Japan, Europe imported high-grade environmental protection natural fabrics, linen, silk, cotton and other fabrics, the main color to black, white, blue, gray coffee and other neutral colors Mainly interspersed with the international popular colors of the season.

Various styles vary. Advocating simple and generous, alternative structural changes, and the artistic atmosphere interwoven by women and neutrality, gives a comfortable feeling. Reflects a multi-faceted attitude to life. Look for relaxed and refined aesthetics in low-key, neutral fashions, emphasizing details, fabrics, and fashion
M Mode Style
O Original Original
I International International
N Natural Nature
G Grace Elegant

Design your style, Enjoy your life
Create your style, lead your life
Women aged 25-45: Fashionable urban women who enjoy life, pay attention to taste, and care for themselves.

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