MARCNEWSON Scottish plaid colorful winter day

MARCNEWSON = Comfort = Green = Never Fade ... MARCNEWSON Designed for avant-garde fashion young people, dynamic and energetic. In the design, the street fashion change, confident free cowboy spirit is its essence. In the pursuit of details of the breakthrough at the same time, the use of new colors, new fabrics and new style to interpret the concept of street tanning denim. Fall and winter of 2012, MARCNEWSON main highlight of the Scottish Plaid single product, whether it is a jacket or shirt, from Scottish Plaid there is a colorful winter! Elegant is a reflection of taste and temperament, and Plaid is the most elegant style of clothes to embody the low-key simple black and white Gray Plaid, exudes refined elegance gentleman. This shirt is the most classic design, major brands in the conference can see her figure, with simple blue jeans, to create England College style! Scottish Plaid Jacket is also unbeaten classic, in the popular Plaid popular today, a long section of Plaid Jacket is enough to proudly out of any place.

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