Guerlain Poetry Versace women never lack of refined style and patience of Lady

She - above the girl but under the law she is a mature girl is also a lovely woman. She advocates serious work, enjoyment of life, the courage to try new things, explore unknown areas. Always curiosity Girl's curiosity. She is willing to take on challenging work and at the same time she is willing to invest herself and enjoy good things to any detail. She never lacks the sophistication and patience of Lady style.


The use of blue fabric, people shines bright plump real fur collar gives noble feeling, big raccoon hat to enhance the luxury quality of the hat, the hair is very soft and comfortable, not too complicated design Simple models, but the whole YY both stylish and intimate and practical. Large lapel is very stylish and can be buttoned to stand collar, warm and super stylish, add a corset design, so that clothes are more adaptable, can be any change, wear out of style, very OL Love and favor of Oh.

娇兰诗蔓女装  从不缺Lady风范的精致与耐心

The use of high-quality prickly heat fur collar, thick cashmere, feel silky, with a natural luster. Loose and comfortable version of the design, showing a thick retro and stylish atmosphere, bright metal buttons and fur collar embellishment, eye-catching yet elegant, eye-catching yet elegant. This is expected to coat jacket after all, a low-key and gorgeous princess of the best embodiment.

娇兰诗蔓女装  从不缺Lady风范的精致与耐心

Minimalism, elegant atmosphere, highlighting the atmosphere when wearing and elegance. Elegant collar flip, plus a large thick fur collar, elegant, fine pocket simple atmosphere, fashion and practical coexistence; high quality cashmere fabric thick and warm, fabric is not easy to pilling.

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