Tie Longsheng Jade is now selling at a high price

Tie Longsheng Jade is now selling at a high price As a marginal minority in Jade Jade, Tie Longsheng is famous for its color close to full green. With the market demand increasing year by year, Tie Longsheng's raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce and pushing up market prices. This year's Tie Longsheng products on the Kunming market can be found in demand.

This year, the overall market for the Jade Jade Market is “steady and falling”, but some special varieties, especially high-grade jade, have “steadily increased”. Taking Tie Longsheng as a small breed as an example, it is a typical example of rising value. At the Kunming International Jewellery Show held last month, it was obvious that the growth of Tie Long Biology's rare and precious creatures was just a matter of two or three thousand yuan for a small piece of ornaments, and a small hand piece would have to be three. , 40,000 yuan, and the good color of the water is far better than expected. Judging from the present jewellery market in Kunming, there are not many businesses that operate iron ore and iron dragons to survive, and they are obviously in short supply in the market.

Speaking of Tie Longsheng, many non-professional players are still unfamiliar with it. In fact, since more than 10 years ago, there have been jewelers selling all kinds of genuine green glass jadeite with all-terrain glass-like iron dragons, and many amateurs still find it hard to separate high-grade iron dragons from green jade. Come. In the early 1990s, Tie Longsheng was dug for the first time in Myanmar's Long Ken mining area. Since this jade is very bright and green, Myanmar miners are named after “Tielongsheng” and “Tielongsheng” is in Burmese. Here is the meaning of "full green".

According to Jiang Qin, an emerald distributor of Yulin Pavilion in Yunnan Province, Tielongsheng is mainly produced in Myanmar, Longken and Pakang. Compared with other emeralds, Tielongsheng is an obvious minor species. “Since the 1990s, Tie Longsheng’s raw materials have been excavated in large quantities every year. Now the discharge of the material is obviously not as good as it was earlier. In particular, the high-grade iron dragon raw material is mainly derived from Pada, and now it is often used to run materials at this place. Will be empty-handed, there are legendary high-grade ore reserves near the end of depletion." Now Jiang Qin has accumulated a number of high-grade iron dragon ore on hand, he is optimistic about the future appreciation of the variety of space, so he decided to put these ore for several years to open materials.

Mr. Liao, a jade craftsman in the Park Botany jewelry market, said that the Tielong stone is rare in the market. Due to the scarcity of stone, there are not many people playing. Occasionally, someone who takes the stone to cut the finished product is also a senior player. Regardless of whether it is easy to play with Tie Longsheng’s choice of materials or from the perspective of cost, there are certain barriers to entry. According to Tie Longsheng's hue characteristics, whether it is making small pieces of flowers, pendants, beads, or large items such as pieces, bracelets, ornaments, etc., there will be excellent performance.

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