Simeng poems sweet candy color to get rid of rigorous small LORI

Simeon poetry ladies simple and generous style design, smooth lines, coupled with the ever-changing fresh changes, the unique personality, the use of popular and comfortable fabrics, pure, elegant, soft, bright colors, simple, stylish, elegant, casual The characteristics of style, urban women show self-confidence and beauty. Simeng poetry ladies this fall and winter, the main push color candy, so that urban women get rid of rigorous success play tender, turned cute LORI!


Fresh and sweet pink, whether long or short section of a small jacket are played lore lore, with a soft lotus leaf, the pure sweet in the end.

茜蒙诗甜美糖果色系 摆脱严谨变身小萝莉

Bright lemon yellow more and more dazzling in the winter sun, lace sand skirt to create the illusion of pettiskirt, romantic sweet, with a black collar, to create visual differentiation effect.

茜蒙诗甜美糖果色系 摆脱严谨变身小萝莉

Ultra-popular light orange cotton padded clothes, abandon the beautiful design, with horizontal embossed get rid of bloated, sweet points for your winter bonus!

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