Tianyi fabric color down jacket to teach beautiful non-frozen people mashup

Tianyi cloth adhering to the Oriental women implicit elegance, at the same time combines the western fashion romantic temperament, portrait interpretation of modern women's casual fashion, simple and natural, simple personality, elegant and elegant mood of life, showing tenderness woman's light and colorful Living mood. 2012 autumn and winter, Tianyi fabric products down jacket Fun color, Fun beautiful, so the winter is no longer monotonous.


Pink jacket lovely sweet, warm upgrade, MIX chiffon dress and bottoming socks, you can easily hold the cold winter cold.

天衣布品色彩羽绒服 传授美丽不冻人混搭术

Gorgeous pattern to make the down jacket also Smart together, with lace & small skirts, sweet taste instant upgrade N level, exposed socks is also full of tide Oh.

4U Chassis is also called a 4u rack-mounted classis. The rack-mountable suits 19-inch rack, U is a unit that represents the height of the outside of the chassis, 4u is the height of the Server Chassis 4 times of 44.44MM. Its main role is to place and fix the motherboard, power supply, fan and other accessories to play a supporting and protective role.

4U Chassis

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