Babu beans children's wear "BOBDOGHOUSE" brand Haifeng store grand opening

Babu beans children's clothing "BOBDOG HOUSE" shoes on December 8 stationed in Haifeng County, Shanwei City, Guangdong Province, the international first-line children's wear brand, upscale image, high-end products, mid-range prices, open small and medium cities business model, BOBDOG HOUSE children's clothing positioning 1 to 14 years old children's clothing, set shoes, clothing, accessories, one of the children's products store, opened during the business hot! By the county a warm welcome! BOBDOG HOUSE is a sub-brand of Babu Bean, a well-known brand in the Chinese children's industry. At present, over 230 stores in China have been set up. BOBDOG HOUSE product design from the casual, fun and lovely Babu beans family, focusing on the active and bright colors to express the freehand childhood, in the simple style to add Babu bean family classic patterns, emphasizing the design taste at the same time, Also highlights the more relaxed, so Bubu bean family's happiness, passed to the modern family-oriented atmosphere, to promote lively and free consumers. Bao sent children's clothing (China) Co., Ltd. Address: Panyu District, Panyu District, No. 555 North Road, Tian An Science and Technology Development Building, East Room 503 Tel: to 8615 Hotline: Shao Jingli joined QQ: http: //

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