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"Qiaozui" (QIAO ZUI SHE) brand children's clothing style from Europe and South Korea in the high-end fashion children's clothing, is a stylish, cutting-edge, happy casual children's clothing brand. QIAO ZUI SHE advocates simple but not simple, stylish personality, happy casual blend of taste and culture. Give children a special sense of wearing, holding this eternal pursuit of common dream of the future ... ... black leather highlights children full of cool but there is no lack of naive, the use of stylish colors, a wide range of design, unique With, for 3 to 12-year-old children build striking fashion personality childhood. Girl's personality childhood can also walk the road to cool, black leather shirt with a striped shirt cool sense of publicity, but without losing the innocent and lovely girl. Simple and not simple, personalized fashion, mainly cotton fabric, comfortable and comfortable without lacking generous cute.

Kids Slippers of JNPFOOTWEAR are not simply small size of adults. Although they looks same in out looking, we adjust the last and out sole shape specially for our kids slippers collections. Cause , kids feet are different as adults.

As parents, we hope all our kids could grown up healthily. As shoe makers, we could start from a pair of kids shoes comfortable and fit for our kids' feet.

Every kid have their favorite, maybe animals or others.  My boy loved a pair of faux rabbit fur kids slippers, and even do not want to take off at home.  So we are willing to develop more cute winter kids slippers, wish they will love to wear a pair of cosy warm kids slippers in the cold winter season. Not just running everywhere with bare feet in cold weather.

Kids Slippers

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