LEAGEL brand women's clothing to create workplace women's taste dress

Fighting for many years in the workplace, for the taste of the dress must also have insights, longing for fashion, the pursuit of elegance but not exaggerated, LEAGEL case of brand positioning of women in such a group of urban white-collar workers, design, smooth, classic, soft, simple, generous ,Elegant.


Small suit is essential for women in the workplace to win the magic weapon, pure white with a sense of heavy metal zipper embellishment, highlighting Mature Mild, steady image, wearing it to attend a variety of formal occasions will not be rude to others.

LEAGEL例格品牌女装  打造职场女性品位着装

If you do not like the one in front too formal style, then this partial fashion, casual style is also a good choice in the workplace. Lemon color brings youthful vitality, splicing white collar to break the monotony, feel free to mix dresses, pants.

Established in 1988, and put integrity, pragmatic, win-win as principle to guide the products` research and development, production and sales which enjoys high reputation all over the world.

         All kinds of pockect interlining ,yarn count 45s,and construction 88x60,96x72,110x76 . Composition 100% polyester and 80% polyester +20% cotton .Color can do white ,offwhite ,black ,charcoal and so on .Touch can do soft ,medium ,and hard .

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Pocket Interlining

Pocket Interlining,White Pocket Interlining,Hard Handfeel Pocket Interlining,Black Pocket Interlining

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