Watanabe men's summer new free in business and leisure

Summer for urban-type men is undoubtedly wearing fashion T-shirt both business and leisure, with a clean and bright colors, but also make you extraordinary. Gradient gray and green gradient printing T-shirt, chest large area using abstract large tree printing, highlighting the forest of Sen forest culture. Gray in the summer is the most suitable color, it is neither very easy to match, very casual and gentle. Gradient printed short-sleeved shirt, a bit like the rendering of ink painting, giving the imagination. Classic lapel design, the use of geometric elements, the interpretation of modern classics. But then the classic lattice stitching short-sleeved shirt, blue and black grid with bright yellow lines of the modification, youth and vitality. Sleeves and neckline spliced ​​at the white, making the clothes in contrast.

The JMY Skull Ring collection includes many kinds of skull rings styles, which are made of high quality stainless steel with professional design, Whether cutting or inlaying, JMY company aims at serve you the best products. we can put your own logo on the rings by laser or engraved, and we can use PVD plated the color you want. These are really high quality material and we produce it with professional technology to make sure you can receive the best products. JMY collection represents serve you the best products you want.

Skull Ring

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