China's garment market demand 200 billion Bantton promising

At the same time, our country has the largest army of professional occupations in the world. At the same time, benefiting from policy support, the public is paying more attention to the work wear and the development of the tertiary industry, and the market for the career wear is promising. However, it is still in the primary stage of development. At present, there are over 30,000 garment enterprises in the country, accounting for 80% of SMEs. The size of the market in the business wear 1800-2000 billion, of which business wear market size of 700-800 billion yuan. Occupation equipment accounted for about 18% of the sales revenue of the apparel industry, the industry growth rate of 18% -20%. From this point of view, Banton revenue accounted for less than 1% of the overall market share, the future main product development prospects. The current business wear business is relatively extensive, most companies have not yet entered the stage of brand marketing, mainly by low-cost competition and low-cost expansion. At the same time, many brand companies are also involved in the field of formalwear and business wear, which makes the traditional business wear more competitors, increased competitive pressure. In the future, the concentration of professional wear industry will increase. The core competitiveness of enterprises will shift from "relying on personal connections" to more emphasis on R & D, product quality and brand awareness, and to develop into a specialized, top-grade, brand-oriented and internationalized company. Banton occupies a huge potential in the market for career wear and tends to be market-oriented and centralized in the future. And with the continuous improvement of the ranks of professionals dress, fashion and branding will become the development trend of the wear industry. Banton focused on wear, clear positioning, market differentiation significantly. Occupational wear market is still in the primary stage of development, the competitive environment is relatively relaxed. Companies using integrated business model, a large-scale production of custom-made scale breakthrough professional wear volume problems, improve the one-time pass rate; "Direct marketing wear business suit" is conducive to the development of markets and customer relationships, the company in the occupation Market competitive advantage; Enterprises and institutions such as agencies as the main customer, customer resources, broad and stable and high quality; In addition, the retail market as a useful complement to wear market, is conducive to brand promotion. Professional binding system of product quality and stability, pre-sale service considerate, style fabric design has a higher professional requirements. Product quality control is the key link in the competition in the market of professional wear. Banton has the industrial chain of design, development, manufacturing, retail vertical integration, firmly grasp the production and manufacturing in all aspects, in the wear market has a high reputation. Nearly 90% of the products are self-produced, supplemented by processing, which helps to control product quality. The company has strong control over sales channels, which helps improve service quality and profitability.

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