Congratulations Ai Dai "Meeting Central Plains, a total of map the world" 2013 "Love your life" autumn and winter fashion new conference was a success


Mr. Du Chengping, chairman of the board of directors of Henan Province and the Big Three met

March 25, 2013 -23 days a 3-day "meeting the Central Plains, a total map of the world" Ai Dai 2013 "Love your life" autumn and winter fashion new conference cum 2013 marketing summit in Zhengzhou, Henan Cheng Yude Grand Hotel, such as about blooming. Ai Dai brand agents from all over the country, as well as two terminal customers in Shaanxi and Shaanxi altogether more than 600 people attended. Gradually in the chill, warm early welcome on the eve of the Spring Festival, Ai Dai people will join the Central Plains, the perfect opened Ai Dai "a total plan of the world," a new journey.



Ai Dai elite team style show tribute to the scene family

Facing the tightening pulse of the underwear market in 2013, how Ai Dai continued to write brilliant achievements in the new year and reappeared. This meeting, Ai Dai gave everyone the perfect answer. From Maple Leaf Enterprise Chairman Mr. Du Chengping love Dai brand ambitious Albert carefully planned to promote the brand promotion department in 2013 fueled. From the fall and winter 2013 new fashion lead the pulse of the classic, highly competitive market product layout. Ai Dai brand in 2013 the direction of development, Ai Dai from across the country have been the brand agents of the full approval and support, but also to Shaanxi, Henan, the two end customers feel Ai Dai brand strong brand strength and development .

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