Wang Xiaohe summer modified cheongsam witness the gentle and elegant Chinese girl

"Wang Xiao-heng" children's clothing pursuit of classical sunshine in the realm of the sunshine and the United States, the lovely child metaphor for the cusp of Lotus, and a "Wang" character, then the company "low water for the sea, low for the king "Corporate culture. "Wang Xiao He" children's wear focused on design and life for girls 3-12 years of wear on different occasions clothing, accessories. The brand tries to interpret and record the pure and beautiful spiritual growth process of the little girl with a sharp pointed tip through exquisite workmanship, craft and fabrics as well as elegant classic design. Most of the fabrics used in "Wang Xiao-He" brand apparel adopt the environmentally-friendly cotton fabrics. The style of the woven fabrics is richly varied through various jacquard, printing, embroidery and dyeing processes. The knitted fabrics are mainly printed and soft, Personal wear. In the cool summer approaching, Wang Xiaohe children's wear launched an improved cheongsam series, and the use of red, rose and other Chinese color applications, high saturation of the embroidery color and peony, rose, butterflies and other traditional patterns of expression, the traditional culture is rich Connotation, deep inside expression vividly, so you want to see the traditional Chinese culture under the influence of the gentle girl, elegant.

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