Gallia women's Paris open the new lover color dress to send romantic atmosphere

Finally faded thick winter clothes, like to show their MM how they can miss the spring and summer show their good body chance? ! Dress can be said that the most versatile spring and summer and the most versatile women to show the single product. With the fashion trend of continuous progress, dress also has a wide range of styles. Gillia 2013 spring and summer in Paris to open the new dress festival in Paris, quickly pick a suitable style to go and him to a sweet and romantic dating it.


Simple sky blue H-type dress, "heart machine" to cover the shortcomings of the body, modified slender body proportions. Princess Puff Sleeve to create a lovely Look, let you for your heart it.

歌莉娅女装开启巴黎新恋 果昔色连衣裙散发浪漫气息

Fight color to create fashion charm is still the mainstream, clever stitching to create a multi-level effect. Vaguely visible embroidery spring brings a romantic, unique fabric design to create a high fashion sense dress.

歌莉娅女装开启巴黎新恋 果昔色连衣裙散发浪漫气息

Warm pink orange, young with a bit of romantic fantasy, do not want to grow up in terms of the woman is a big temptation, with a bright yellow backpack, the color in the end.

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