2013 Offside Teenager costumes spring girls, leading the spring new fashion

"Offside offside" juvenile spring 2013 girls clothing line, once launched by the girls are eagerly watched. Light pink jacket, elegant black, gentle pink T-shirt, printed with a circular pattern casual trench coat, sections are exciting. Short period of time, off-the-year teenager costumes 2013 spring girls have been loved by girls. "Offside offside" Teenager costumes spring girls clothing variety, wear it, you can become graceful and moving, you can also become fashionable and casual. The fabrics used are soft, comfortable and breathable, the design is generous and graceful, which highlights the youthful youthfulness and meets the requirements of the girls with different aesthetic standards. Every child is the best in their parents' hearts and therefore wants to choose the best outfit for their children. Out-of-juvenile wear this series of clothing excellent quality, innovative style design, successfully attracted the attention of girls, but also received the recognition of their parents. "Offside offside" juvenile equipment, according to the characteristics of our teenager's body, personality, tailored to a variety of costumes to meet the needs of young people dressing, let them form their own style. Offside clothing (offside juvenile equipment) Address: Jiahe Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou Jia Jun Jia Jun Industrial Park Investment Hotline: 020 -61193083 Join agent area: http://

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