HERCYNA Wo He Na brand women interpretation of the European and American street fashion trends

Walking in fashionista's era, more and more fashion fans hold up a loyal personal style era. They look forward to a richer material changes to suit different occasions, their dress requirements are more emphasis on material, tailoring and collocation of feeling, they definitely do not bustle of the stunning but personal style of low-key bloom

HERCYNA is born for this group of people, breaking the traditional concept as long as you brave to pursue their own personal style, then HERCYNA is your custom brand clothing. Abandoned all the unnecessary complexity and color, HERCYNA will be the theme of style all the thoughts and feelings on the fabric structure of the collision contour and clothing, "play" different fabric stitching, so that the pursuit of advanced custom fabrics and low-key easy to take Knit collision of eclectic personal style, the out of reach of the forefront of fashion deduction to the imprint, deliberately exaggerated style cooled into a low-key edge.


CHENGDU YOUANCHENG COMPANY , https://www.youanchengshoes.com

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