Seven wave of autumn and winter 2013 youth clothing trend conference ended successfully

Seven wave-hui carefully prepared, the perfect visual fashion feast - seven wave FY 2013 autumn and winter adolescent fashion trend conference, April 13 in Quanzhou Olympic Garden bright opening. Seven Wave Brothers from all parts of the country have witnessed the business partners Seven Waves once again lead the fashion trend of young people's miracles! Chen Jinbo, general manager and seven wave of national partners, Seven Waves (China) Co., Ltd. Chairman Chen Hongqi, Chen Jinbo, general manager and other leaders attended the conference. Chairman Chen Hongqi delivered an important speech at the press conference. Chen Hongqi pointed out that since the company was founded, Qi Bohui has been adhering to the scientific concept of development of "steady progress and focus on growth". In the face of the great challenges such as the great development, great changes and major adjustments in the market economy, it has always maintained its arduous Entrepreneurial style, carry forward the solemn and solemn entrepreneurial wisdom, and encourage enterprises to maintain a positive and steady development trend; the face of a variety of market opportunities, not aggressive, not greedy, and consistently committed to the depth of adolescent exclusive core product value and mining Continue to build, determined to become an exclusive brand of young people trust. He said that after seven decades of dedicated entrepreneurial efforts and accumulation as well as the concerted efforts and wisdom of all business teams, the Seven Bohui "Teenage Exclusive Product" core value proposition gradually gained high market and consumer's favor and widespread Recognition, set an absolute leader in the field of adolescent products! Now seven wave Hui is more full of passion, in a more high-spirited attitude to the spirit of creating a new spiritual belief to embark on a new journey towards the new Goal! Chen Hong seven pointed out that in order to encourage enterprises and brands in the new period of development to achieve sustained leaps and bounds, the company will be committed to brand building, marketing services and enhance the image of the terminal several aspects of work to expand and upgrade. Conference site, seven wave perfect presentation of "fashion city (fashion series), colorful campus (campus series), dynamic life (sports series)" three major theme series, interpretation of a fantastic young fashion trends visual feast. In recent years, Seven Waves through a series of international cooperation strategy, a more comprehensive and accurate grasp of market trends and consumer demand, better enhance the technology content and value of seven wave-hui products, which in version, fabric, Color, craftsmanship and other aspects of the young consumer groups more in line with the comfort, health, fashion and other needs, for the seven wave of young people in the field to establish a leading position has laid a solid foundation.

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