Expert rumor: Bracelet will not kill you

Expert rumor: Bracelet will not kill you At present, although there is no instrument for effective testing in the falsification of jewellery and jade articles, we can use the scientific and technological knowledge we have mastered today and use objective scientific theoretical analysis to fully recognize the true and false of jade.

But with an article titled “How to Kill You Slowly”, it was widely circulated on the Internet. This post explains the chemical production process of the B cargo and C cargo in jade, and said that wearing such a Jade can cause cancer, making the wearer frightened.

Recently, Long Chu, deputy director of Guangdong Province's jewelery and precious metals testing center, spoke out. For the chemical production process of B and C cargo mentioned in the net post, Long Chu said that the B cargo of jadeite is indeed subjected to a series of processing such as strong acid erosion, weak alkali neutralization, vacuum and glue injection, while C cargo Direct staining. This kind of emerald is only a kind of decoration at most, and it does not have the value of keeping value. He also said that the pictures posted in the posts are the process of manufacturing fake jadeite products. As long as everyone purchases the products from the official channels, there is no need to worry about the jade products that have the authority certificate of A goods.

The long-term use of such chemically processed jade will really cause cancer. Long Chu said that after being eroded, jadeite needs to be rinsed and the chemicals will be washed away. Then, it will be injected with colloids that are not toxic. The quote on the net post is sensational. As for the spread of the saying that wearing a jade can calm the mind and beauty, Long Chu said that there is no exact scientific basis for this.

Therefore, when purchasing jewellery and jade products, it is best to go to a professional, large-scale hypermarket to purchase, and at the same time, you must remember to ask for a certificate issued by a local testing agency.

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