Textile companies pay close attention to follow-up policies

Tighten funds for textile companies and follow up on follow-up policies Recently, the textile market has weakened and the sentiment of cotton yarns has been aggravated. In particular, the amount of high-strength compact spinning, such as 50S and 60S, has fallen sharply, dropping by RMB 2,000/t in one month, and the price of low-priced yarns is also slightly lower. Decline, the current domestic OE16S acceptance price of 18,900 yuan / ton. However, there are also a few companies that provide feedback on the sales of high-quality combed cotton yarn. The market focus is mainly on the time and content of the new state policy. Focused on several major hotspots in the market for a deeper understanding of the company:

Hotspot 1: Time and content of the publication of the rules.

What are the main aspects of the textile companies that are concerned about the collection and storage?

Textile enterprises: The focus of the current market is the color grade 22 of the premium range, color level 22 ** discounted to 700 yuan / ton, storage and discount standards have not been announced. The gap between premiums and discounts and premiums and discounts will directly affect the price of **, which in turn will affect whether the processing plant chooses to pay reserves or pay. Due to the unsatisfactory quality of reserve cotton last year, the quality control of cotton storage is one of the concerns of textile companies. The other issue is the payment issue. Before the national collection and storage of cotton was 80% of the payment, but due to the country's tighter fiscal budget this year, it is not known whether there will be any change.

Hotspot 2: The time and price of the new round of reserve cotton.

At the end of July, the reserve cotton supply was formally cut off. From the perspective of reserve cotton purchases, most textile companies are expected to stock up to October. Before the National Day, they must have a stocking plan. Therefore, is it that most textile companies hope to start a new round of reserve cotton in October?

Textile enterprises: The company's raw material inventory is slightly different due to the size of the company and the capital situation. Some raw material stocks of small and medium-sized textile enterprises are still less than 1 month, and the follow-up raw material gap still exists. Such textile enterprises expect the country to start a new round of reserve cotton in a timely manner. Work, and continue the normalization of this work, taking into account the State Reserve Bank cotton and the issue of national reserve cotton safety under the premise of the recent market rumors about the end of August without quotas to throw away storage, and even there are rumors The reserve price is 18,200 yuan/ton. However, since most large and medium-sized enterprises are stocking up to around October, it is generally believed that the probability of launching in October is relatively large.

It is understood that the relevant departments have not yet submitted a preliminary plan for the new round of reserve cotton deposits, so any rumors about deposit cotton deposits are not true. What advice does textile companies have for the new round of reserve cotton supply?

Textile enterprises: Due to the poor textile market this year, the funds of the current textile enterprises are particularly tight. Not only are the yarns not easy to sell, but also the serial funds are not recovered. Many companies have also bought hard-to-manage cotton throws in the past. 2 months inventory, to the present still owed the purchase price can not be paid, I hope the payment time of reserve cotton can be extended to 25 working days.

What about the new cotton reserve textile prices?

Textile companies: Whether new throw-and-store prices consider linking up with international cotton prices or next year's new flower prices are hot topics for discussion at the moment. At present, there are many people who have direct compensation expectations, and now the average cotton price is 18000-18500 yuan/ton. How much will the price fall if the new flower is used directly? Whether or not throwing reserve prices will be aligned with the price of direct subsidies is now the subject of more discussion.

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