Pink color single item equipped with war dating romantic season

Ben Wang, August 14th, Want to become the most pink girl in this season? Then you must not miss the following pink fashion items, whether pink, orange, pink... each One can make you bright and moving, delicate and dripping, the most important thing is to allow you to "peach bloom." Not ready yet, take a look at the demos of Chaozhou people.

Light orange casual shorts, cut lines are very natural self-cultivation, with a very special lace printed blouse, vaguely translucent style, high waist waist treatment, Slim was thin, showing the essence of "girly wind."

Romantic pleated blouse, pretty apricot pink, exquisite hollow embroidery, short version of the style, waist elastic waist treatment, with a hole in denim shorts, full of sweet and lovely feeling.

This season is particularly popular short-sleeved vest, the design is simple, behind the large opening design is very sexy, high-waist denim shorts with emphasis on the waist curve, casual and sexy.

The simple base of phosphor tone T, round neck, slightly loose style, chest pocket decoration is not monotonous, simple denim pants match, casual and stylish.

A simple line of pink skirts, based on a single color system, H version, modified perfect body shape, with a vest lace stitching, fresh and sweet, concise and significant temperament.

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