[Umisky / Finette fall new] Angel City series


Popular Baroque angels in the hot printing used in the colorful new products this fall, decorate the women's low-key elegant gorgeous style. Costumes through the use of angel patterns flowers throughout, combined with exquisite flower pieces piles of beads, showing women gentle, romantic side

【umisky/Finette秋季新品】 天使迷城系列

Fabric advantages:

Baroque angel printing fabric pattern three-dimensional, bright color, elegant georgette fabric, good anti-wrinkle breathable.

【umisky/Finette秋季新品】 天使迷城系列

Clothing with skills:

Elegant and gorgeous dress can be worn alone, together with the same color heels, suitable for work, friends gatherings, family dinners and other occasions, romantic and charming. Early autumn cool time with real windbreaker, wear fashion charm feminine, Mood for Love, dissemination of unique qualities.

【umisky/Finette秋季新品】 天使迷城系列

Handbag with tips:

Gorgeous retro flowers like oil-rich rich patience of color, the perfect combination of art and fashion, with static clothing, this combination to meet the fashion design handbags and large packages, daily commuting, business, dating and other occasions Dress can be used with.

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