【Kaishi】 Stone store image upgrade, once again write a new glory

Look! We all look forward to the long- Haishi Dashi store image upgrade was born!

Haijia Shi women's clothing store since opening, has always been favored by consumers, monthly sales among the best! High flow of people is beyond doubt.


Located at No.78, Chaoyang Road West, Dashi Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Haishi Shishi Stone Store aims to create a more comfortable shopping environment for consumers and welcome our valued customers with a new look. Modern, elegant, elegant store style, abbreviated Haijia Shi brand. The new environment coincides with the Haijia Shi brand style complement each other, but also a good direct response to know how to enjoy Haijia Shi brand customer's vision and taste.

Haijia Shi Dashi store image ushered in the upgrade welcomed the applause of many customers, from whom we appreciate our let us know their recognition and expectations of the Haijia Shi brand. Thank customers for their support, the image of the store will upgrade you will be more and more confident of us, Haijia Shi Dashi store upgrade only make you more and more satisfied.

Satisfying customers is the brand style that Haijia Shi has always held. Believe that the new image will be able to bring customers a more comfortable environment, I believe the new image will certainly be able to write more brilliant performance. I believe the new image will certainly attract more insight and applause.

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