Talking about the history and culture of diamonds

Known as the "King of Gems", the diamond is listed as the five precious gems that nature has endowed with humans, including rubies, sapphires, emeralds and gold-green opal. Among them, diamonds are among the top five gems and are recognized as the world's most recognized. Precious gems. Diamond is the name of the diamond gemstone, so it is also called diamond, celestial stone, luminous stone, the English name is DIAMOND, Arabic is the hardest meaning, the Greek called "attama stone" invincible. The high refractive index and high dispersion value of diamonds lead to a special "fire" of diamonds. Modern science accurately calculates the optimal angle of refraction and cutting method of diamonds, so the exquisite diamonds can be transformed into exciting ones. The splendor, coupled with its hard and timeless characteristics, has become the goal of cherish and pursue.

The world's first diamond was about 3,000 years ago in ancient India, found in a valley in India called Krishna. Until the eighteenth century, the wealthy Indian kings were the only suppliers in the world. From the fourth century BC to the beginning of the eighteenth century, India produced a total of about 3 million carats of rough diamonds. This is why diamonds are measured in "carats". Ancient India grows a peculiar tree. The weight of each tree seed is basically the same, and each grain is exactly 0.2 grams. Because diamonds are rare and limited in weight, smart Indians use the tree seed "carat" of this tree as the weight unit of the diamond. The weight of diamonds is measured in carats (CT), 1 carat = 0.2 g, and 1 carat = 100 points.

In the 13th century Europe, diamonds were patented by the royal family. Wearing diamonds was the privilege of the queens and princesses. The son of French King Charles XVII, Alice Su Hui, was the first woman to break this tradition. She received a diamond from the king and wore it in public, and the diamond entered the folk.

The 15th century is a milestone in the connection between diamonds and love. Charles Duke of Bagan loves to be a diamond, and he likes to collect diamonds. His daughter Mary received a diamond ring when she was engaged to the Austrian Grand Duke, becoming the first engagement ring in history. Later, the diamond became a symbol of beautiful and eternal love, and thus captured the hearts of countless women. 

In the 16th and 17th centuries, the romantic French led the new trend of diamonds. The Necklace of French King Francis I is set with 11 large diamonds. In addition to diamond jewelry, his queen Catherine also incorporates diamond powder into food to poison the political opponents. The "篡 powder" that has been passed down in European history may refer to diamond powder. Whether the diamond powder is toxic or not has not been verified. It is very likely that the ancients deliberately fabricated a lie to prevent the miners from swallowing the diamonds into the body for theft. During the reign of Louis XIV, the popularity of diamonds in France reached the top. His palace is filled with jewels and jade, and the whole body is shiny with diamonds. It is said that he purchased 109 diamonds weighing more than 10 carats and 273 diamonds weighing 4 to 10 carats in the name of the country. The most famous is the 44 large diamonds purchased from the gem giants, including a 112-carat French blue diamond. 

Influenced by France, the Russian tsar regards diamonds as a symbol of power and wealth. When Peter the Great crowned the Queen in 1724, the Queen crowned 2,500 diamonds. 

The British royal family and diamonds also have a difficult relationship. Henry VIII is a diamond collector. From 1558 to 1603, the octagonal crystal ring set with rough diamonds is fashionable and fashionable. At the same time, it set off a wave of love letters with diamonds on the glass window. The diamond ring was once called the engraving ring. Even Elizabeth I himself talked with Sir Walter on a piece of glass and confided. Queen Victoria enthroned in 1838, when the royal family had 2,500 diamonds for her use.

Americans are much more interested in diamonds than Europeans. Until the end of the 19th century, the United States only made fashionable diamond jewelry and used it as an eternal message of love. It was created entirely by the diamond king Harry Frederick Oppenheimer, the son of Sir Ernest Oppenheimer who brought De Beers from the 19th century to the 20th century. The Americans came to the forefront, and the reason can be traced back to his promotion campaign, which is famous for the slogan "Diamond is eternal." It is said that diamond giant Brady has 20,000 diamonds; publishing giant Pulitzer bought a necklace with 222 diamonds at a French royal jewelry auction to his wife; famous movie stars Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor has a beautiful story with diamonds, and the American people have deep feelings for diamonds. When the world famous diamonds were exhibited in New York, thousands of spectators lined up in the rain and waited for a visit.

In Japan, until the Second World War, the number of people wearing wedding rings was less than 1% of the population. Later, De Beers launched an unpretentious but persistent promotion campaign that brought about 70% of the brides in Japan. Diamond ring.

The West Germans are another consumer group that is easily influenced by advertising. Before 1967, most brides in West Germany liked to wear a wedding ring made up of two gold rings. So De Beers introduced a new concept of "three-ring diamond ring", which adds a diamond-set to the "double ring ring". Third ring. This new concept has made West Germany the third largest consumer of diamonds in the world. 

The earliest record of diamonds in China was the work of the Western Jin Dynasty. The "Lianzi Tang Wenshu" mentioned the sword of the roller chrome, and the jade knife mentioned in the "Shizhou Ji" of the Han Dynasty. These swords are set with diamonds.

The tradition of the engaged ladies wearing the ring on the ring finger of the left hand dates back to the early Egyptians who believed that the pulse of love passed directly from the heart to the fingertips of the left ring finger. Through a simple single diamond ring, diamonds convey the hearts of the hearts and minds of countless men and women in the world, emitting an eternal love fire. From marriage to wedding anniversary, the loving men and women use diamonds to express their affection, a round ring full of diamonds, saying "there is no end to our love", representing the eternal love (this comes from the West) The tradition is also accepted by the Orientals. Today, the use of diamond rings as a gift of love has become a common practice. People also call the 60th anniversary or 75th anniversary of marriage a diamond marriage, and also use diamonds as the birthstone of April.

The diamond that was born in the depths of the earth's cland billions of years ago has always been an unquestionable and inexhaustible representative, and it is of great value because of its hardness and beauty. Diamonds are ancient treasures that have withstood the changes of the times and have long been a symbol of eternal love for centuries. Legend has it that Qiubit’s arrow is set with diamonds, so it has magical power! Because its radiance surpasses any gemstone, the ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were fragments of stars that fell to the earth. Some even thought that diamonds were the tears of the gods; people once thought that diamonds were made by Tianshui or Tianlu. Come. The word diamond in Sanskrit is the meaning of thunder and lightning, in order to express the belief that diamonds are born of lightning. It is only today that the development of modern science tells people that diamonds do not fall from the sky, but instead break out of the ground. The ancients also believed that diamonds would produce small diamonds, and even the famous scientist R. Boyle (1627-1691) believed this. In the 17th century, Portuguese explorers thought that "diamonds can grow in 2-3 years near the surface of the earth", and the idea of ​​why the miners can return to the old mining area several years later can still be exemplified by diamonds.

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