New store decoration style new card store opened in Shenzhen

Warmly celebrate the card of Shenzhen Shiyan makeup department store grand opening, I wish Manlian Shenzhen Shiyan makeup department store opened, the business is booming. Hanlian International apparel brand "Marloca" (advocate card (Marloca advocating free, beautiful, healthy and sophisticated new life, the terminal market will be located in the 20-40-year-old new women, embodies the beauty of the fashion beauty with the times, Advocate modern women to pursue romantic, independent, positive and healthy lifestyle. Han days International Clothing Co., Ltd based on the Chinese market on the international stage, step by step interpretation of the pursuit of fashion women, Han International Clothing is willing to cooperate sincerely with you to create a better future. Fashion interpretation here, beautiful from here ...


The image of the new store fitting France ladies fragrant boudoir, whether it is the whole white milky wall, or piano white furniture, carved arched carved window hanging display area, all with a distinctive French aristocratic customs.

新店全新装修风格 蔓露卡深圳新店开业

The biggest bright spot in the wall design is the square grid behind the counter background wall, a slightly convex patent leather box, diagonally crossed sutures and center embellishment, as if a big handbag design, the perfect highlight of the brand International fashion convergence.

新店全新装修风格 蔓露卡深圳新店开业

The products on display in the store are the best summer refreshing recipe in summer. Man Lu card summer new design 矜 expensive elegant. A large area of ​​white, pink, bright yellow adjustment Qi classification display, lace, perspective, floral, chiffon, fresh wave point of use, as delicious Qin Liang ice cream, mellow attractive.

新店全新装修风格 蔓露卡深圳新店开业

Two regions of the model display, white and black visual collision, giving you two different visual enjoyment.

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