Passion Yue Yue Women signed in August Ji'an, Liaoning, Liaoning Panjin two flagship store

In this sunshine, passionate burning August, Rong Yue Women signed a successful Jiangxi Ji'an, Liaoning Panjin two flagship stores, opened for the new August opener, for the summer brought a different kind of passion!

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Yung Yue Women swept the world with fast fashion business model, through a strong design and production system and the buyer team, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea will be the latest and most stylish fashion through the introduction of rapid introduction of domestic and breaking the traditional order system, the use of orders Plus cash mode Advanced Internet technology allows our customers to bulk booking the latest clothing styles at any time, in order to ensure the lowest inventory backlog and the lowest rate of unscrupulous, to the company headquarters and dealers work together to win-win and mutually beneficial. Since its inception this unique operating model to the vast number of dealers praise!

激情八月  容悦女装成功签约江西吉安、辽宁盘锦两大旗舰店

Rong Yue Women's success in addition to benefiting from the unique mode of operation, but also benefit from its high-quality products! Brand success is inseparable from the product terminal sales, has always been pleasing to women's clothing design elegant and elegant, casual and professional fashion combined with feminine design elements, simple, soft, attention to detail embellishment, grasp the fashion trends, By the vast number of consumers trust. For the tens of millions of urban fashion women, school students, just entering the social youth, fashion white-collar workers, freelance fashion elegant, the pursuit of perfection and independence of modern women bring beautiful clothes!

In the future, Yung Yue Women will continue to force, good faith people, intentions to do products, is committed to becoming a successful brand in China operation model, so that the world of female friends Loyer.Mod Pleasant to become beautiful and wonderful

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